Management of Subterranean Ecosystems in Extreme Environments
Bristlecone Convention Center
Bristlecone Convention Center
Bristlecone Convention Center

The Bristlecone Convention Center is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Ely with close proximity (some within walking distance) to multiple hotels, restaurants, stores and casinos.

The facility features a large auditorium and multiple meeting rooms for breakout sessions.

Ely, Nevada

  • Bristlecone Convention Center

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Diana's Punch Bowl

Diana's Punch Bowl

Near the geographic center of Nevada, Diana's Punchbowl or the Devil's Cauldron, is formed in the geothermically active portion of the Great Basin. It is located in central-western Nevada, in the Monitor Valley, about 3 hours west of Ely. The spring is exposed through a cup-shaped depression about 50 feet in diameter at the top of a domelike hill of travertine about 600 feet in diameter.

Symposium Merchandise

h2go Essen Vacuum Food Container

It's a double-wall, stainless steel, 17 oz capacity thermos from h2go®. This thing is more rugged than your cave pack! We've been trying to beat up the manufacturer's sample, but it keeps winning. Hot things stayed hot, cold things stayed cold... and ours will have cool cave art printed on it.


JUNE 29, 2023
NCKMS Steering Committee Chooses Ely, Nevada as Host City for 2025 Symposium
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Advance registration for the 2025 symposium is expected to open in mid-2024. We will send an email to past attendees when that system comes online.

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