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Lehman Caves
Great Basin National Park Field Trip
The Lehman Caves - Cave Sim - Cave Biology

Great Basin National Park will be the focus of our geology field trip on Wednesday during the 2025 NCKMS conference. We'll be working with the NPS to include visits to the Lehman Caves on this trip.

GRBA Rhodes Cabin
Rhodes Cabin

Next to the Lehman Caves Visitor Center sits the historic Rhodes Cabin. The cabin was built in the 1920s by Clarence and Bea Rhodes, who were Forest Service custodians of Lehman Caves at the time. Today it contains interpretive exhibits. The cabin has been moved from its original location, restored, and placed on a concrete foundation. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975 because of its association with the early tourist industry at Lehman Caves. Library of Congress image.

We're still working out the details for this trip. Please check back as we get closer to our event dates.

Busses for this trip will depart from the Bristlecone Convention Center on Wednesday morning. Lunch will be provided. No technical gear will be required. The group will return to the convention center in early evening.

Poster sessions and a social networking event are planned at the convention center upon our return.


Points of interest on this trip might include;

  • Great Basin NP Visitor Center

  • Walking tour of the Lehman Caves

  • Cave Sim exhibit

  • Archaeology presentations

  • NPS BioBlitz discussion

  • Historical photo exhibit

  • Rose Guano Cave & bat roost presentation

  • BLM's Sacramento Pass restoration

  • Swamp Cedar Natural Area

Lehman Cave Shields, GRBA

Lehman Caves is one of the largest and most dazzling cave systems in the Silver State and has been stunning visitors since the 1800s. This immaculate cave system was discovered by Absalom Lehman in the late 1880s after experiencing an uncharacteristically cool breeze coming out of the ground. Image provided by the Nevada Commission on Tourism.

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Symposium Merchandise

Troglodyte Playing Cards

We have no idea what these will look like yet, but we couldn't think of hosting NCKMS in Nevada without offering some themed-out playing cards. There's a good chance the card backs will feature a cave animal of the year, but we still have some time to figure it out.


Advance registration for the 2025 symposium is expected to open in mid-2024. We will send an email to past attendees when that system comes online.

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