Management of Subterranean Ecosystems in Extreme Environments
2023 NCKMS Conference
Social Networking Events
Management of Subterranean Ecosystems in Extreme Environments

The 2025 NCKMS production team recognizes the inherent value of informal interactions and spontaneous discussions that often occur outside the confines of our symposium's scheduled programming.

Networking breaks, coffee sessions, and social gatherings offer invaluable opportunities for knowledge exchange, allowing our participants to share practical insights, innovative solutions, and personal experiences. These informal settings foster a collaborative atmosphere where cave and karst management professionals may connect with their peers, forge relationships, discuss ideas, and help build a collective expertise and shared knowledgebase within our field.

During the 2025 NCKMS conference, we encourage all of our participants to actively engage in both formal and informal networking opportunities. We are working on several programs to help extend these opportunities and will announce additional details in the coming months.

Social Networking Events

2023 NCKMS Russell Cave

Multiple field trips on Wednesday will offer extensive networking opportunities for cave and karst professionals. That evening, when the busses return, we will all gather at the convention center for poster sessions in an informal setting. Image courtesy of Matt Selig, Indiana Karst Conservancy.

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Notch Peak at Sunset

Notch Peak

Notch Peak, located in West Millard County, Utah, and visible from Great Basin National Park, towers above the desert valleys at 9,725 ft. elevation. This 3,000 ft sheer cliff is one of the tallest limestone cliffs in America.


Advance registration for the 2025 symposium is expected to open in mid-2024. We will send an email to past attendees when that system comes online.

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